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starlitdragon : Setheryll by MCAdoptables + starlitdragon : Lucan by dapper-owl NOM.
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Lucinda Wong
I am composed from the unidentifiable black bits at the bottom of a noodle bowl and trace amounts of vespene gas. I can run a four-minute mile, headbutt a bullet back into its chamber and I take my tequila without lemons. I also enjoy drawing and long walks on the Arctic tundra.


Forest of Years by Starlitdragon
Forest of Years
All the remains of a cadaver of days,
I keep hidden away, keep them there just in case.
I want to visit that place,
blow the dust from the bones
off a body of years that I left all alone 

Years and years after the skies finally stopped weeping dragonfire, from the ashes of the fauns that refused to flee flourished a skeletal forest. Remnants of the old forest's children clung to the regrowth. A traveler would not miss their slumbering faces etched into the woods. Perhaps the strangest phenomenon was a stone city that emerged from the mouth of an ancient petrified frog, one of the old guardians of the wood. It became a sacred place, a memorial of a massacre carved into their future generations. The fauns called the frog city Hlatikulu and would venture from the deepest rifts of Elera-Velon to pay their respects to the dead. The dragons allowed them this one shred of dignity, although this was perhaps more due to the second strange phenomenon of Hlatikulu. 

The second strange phenomenon of Hlatikulu became apparent after the forest re-established itself. The trees were the consistency of rock, and about as flammable. The area around Hlatikulu specifically repelled dragonfire. If a dragon entered the forest barrier, his flame would dissipate as if he were submerged in salt water. This was disturbing to the Eastern Empire's military scholars and scientists, who were not particularly fond of fireproof barriers. This was not the first circumvention of dragonfire: the Lynarian's starmetal armor granted them some invulnerability, and the witches of Lun Xing had developed both personal and city-sized shields that could also repel the flame. However, this was the first and only known natural barrier to dragonfire, and perhaps one of the most powerful.  After some discrete experimentation testing the extent of the barrier's protection, the dragons decided to leave this area well-alone in a show of false benevolence and work instead on quietly uncovering Hlatikulu's secret. It became forbidden for dragons to fly or breathe fire in the vicinity of this ancient forest.

The fauns were only marginally aware of this natural protection. There were rumours, but nobody was eager to bet an entire city that some mysterious benevolent force kept them safe. They did not know the source of this protection nor its duration. Thus, the fauns remained wary of re-establishing a large settlement outside of the petrified frog's mouth, lest the dragons be tempted to return and raze what they toiled to rebuild. Instead, they rebuilt their main cities in the rifts and cracks to the western-most edges of Elera-Velon. This new area became known as Lhusaka, or Velon II. 

I placed this one in the traditional / mixed media category because the pencil work was far more extensive than the digital components. 

0.3 mechanical pencil; Photoshop CS5
Calithil by Starlitdragon
Painting moonlight crowned in stars.

I spent today learning from a very cool video posted by TamplierPainter (I'm a huge fan of his work!):…;

Model credit: Modeling 

I purposely kept the same colour scheme as this was more of a learning exercise for me. I've always wanted to get more depth of colour into skintones.  I've tried and failed so many times to draw portraits lately - I think this was my third or forth attempt after a number of false starts.

Photoshop CS5.
Coral and Snow by Starlitdragon
Coral and Snow
The whitewater dragons of Elera-Velon possess characteristics reflecting their original aquatic regions. The deepsea coraldragons were adorned with coral and seafish with manes of dark ocean blue, while pond-dragons like Setheryll kept kelp-green crowns with carp. The variations are endless. However, the waterdragons could not breathe fire, and therein lay their greatest weakness - when the wings of the ashblack dragons of the east blacked out the sun, the waterdragons were left with a choice: surrender their burnt ribs for toothpicks or follow the Emperor in the East. 

Both the ashblack and whitewater dragons were bimorphic, meaning they had both a man-form and a dragon shape. The vast majority of dragons choose to spend their days man-shaped, needing only to eat a pound of meet per day instead of forty. In battle, the whitewater dragons could control sea and sky. They could bring gentle rains or fierce hurricanes if enough of them put their minds to it.  

The black dragons of the Eastern Ashmarch held dominion over the whitewater. The first generation endured harsh treatment akin to slavery. Future generations were treated more gently, but the whitewater dragons were always beholden to their conquerors. They held stations as servants, farmers, clerks and soldiers. The fortunate were educated by the more benevolent masters, and their children became scientists, engineers, healers and even an advisor to the Emperor in the East. Against all the odds, Sinon had made it into the inner nest of black vipers that ruled Elera-Velon. It was on Sinon's advice the ashblack dragons steered clear of Lun Xing, the home of the Lynarian and the Crimson Council. He quickly realized lions and witches that had nothing better than to hone their skills fighting each other for the better part of several centuries were not easy prey. Especially when the warm western regions of Elera Velon lay ripe for the picking.

Sadly, the fauns and forest nymphs that once occupied the mountain forests of Elera Velon did not stand a chance against flying furnaces that could blacken their homes in an instant. The fauns were forced to flee to the deep cracks and canyons in the earth where the dragons could not fly. The forest nymphs, being bimorphic in their own way (human and plant forms), were allowed to occupy Elera-Velon as a servant caste.  

Among the ashblack families, there were a few that believed the subjugation of the other bimorphic races and the extermination of the single-form peoples was immoral.  Because they were in the minority, they kept their opinions to themselves. Some believed that one day the ones they oppressed would rise up and overthrow their overlords. Most believed it was their divine right to rule, for they were granted the gift of sky and fire. Most would dismiss Sinon, whispering that he should know his lowly station, yet the Emperor in the East kept him in close confidence and none dared to cross him.


I've had the concept for my two dragon races in my head for quite some time now - it's quite fun to finally type all of these ideas out. So long and thanks for all the fish :)

0.3 mechanical pencil and Photoshop CS5. 

Here's a couple pictures of Setheryll, the other fishdragon I've been drawing over the years: 

to a paper crane by Starlitdragon    chasing the starlight by Starlitdragon
It's been many years since I've announced something like this! 

So! If you are around the day I hit 150,000 pageviews, post a comment in this journal with your request (single character only please!). Do include a picture reference, a brief description of your character's personality and anything I should know about. I'll ask questions if I need to. I draw humans, dragons, and bear-shark tornadoes. 

I will close the draw at my discretion (about 1 day after hitting 150,000) and number each comment (first commentor is 1, etc.) and use a random number generator to pick winners. It'll be 1-3 folks, depending on how much time I have. If just 2 people post, you both get your requests. 

Thank you so much for visiting!  And good luck.  
Little Lion Man by Starlitdragon
Little Lion Man
Tremble, little lion man,
You'll never settle any of your scores
Your grace is wasted in your face,
Your boldness stands alone among the wreck
Now learn from your mother or else spend your days biting your own neck

A Lynarian Knight. Wearing armor forged from fallen star-metal the colour of gold, they alone stand against the flesh and bone necromancy of the witches. For meteorite-metal is pure and cannot be re-shaped with words. 

The Lynarian came from two different people both preyed upon by witches. The Lahaka were dark-skinned with an empathic connection to giant cats. A Lahakan child would be paired with a lion of the opposite gender at birth; they would protect each other for life. The Lahakan could sense what their familiars sensed. The great cats could see the spirits of the dead, which was why the witches always sought out the Lahakans - a witch's ghostcloak was useless against lioneyes.

The Tynir wove their dreams in star-metal. They were nomads who journeyed between fallen stars to add to their stores. A Tynir blade would never know rust or corruption by magic. Despite their impenetrable natural defence, the Tynir were practically blind in any sorcerer's battle. And eventually, they would have to take off the armor. The witches knew this and ruthlessly exploited this weakness when it suited them. 

The two people knew their survival depended upon banding together. Their numbers had dwindled to so few, tribe members had trouble marrying someone who wasn't a second cousin. They forsook their separate identities and became the Lynarian. The lions could track the witches and golden star-metal naturally repelled magic.  Eventually, the hunter became the hunted. The sorcerer's war went badly for the witches. The Lynarian were lead by Xing who was later revered as a saint. Their victories ushered an era where urban centres could actually thrive without being run down by witches searching for fresh bones.

Eventually, the witches formed a council lead by Lun. Lun laid down stiff rules and prohibited boneflesh necromancy in favour of wax and wicking. They chose instead the secrets of wind, water and starlight.  The Lynarian recognized this change, and despite their deep (and very natural) distrust, they permitted small covens to exist in their cities. For witches possessed one unique skill no other people in the land could replicate: they could repel and seal bey demons, the fell face-dancers from the dark cloudsea that clothed themselves in the skin of children and loved ones. However disliked, it would end civilization to burn every witch. For as the cities grew, they became delicious glittering beacons for the monsters that lurked beyond the dark cloudsea. 

Years and years later, the Lynarian and the witches had somehow managed to preserve their uneasy harmony. Their union would eventually save them. The dragons from the Eastern Ashmarch were a brutal conquering race by nature, but they did not desire a fight with two races that had spent the better part of several centuries perfecting magical warfare against each other. The dragons stayed clear of Lun Xing, the city of falling stars, for they knew their fire would be met with unwavering resistance. 

0.3 mechanical pencil and Photoshop CS5. Thanks for stopping by!
(Yes, I'm a huge Mumford & Sons fan. Go YouTube the song title if you at all like wonderful, wonderful ... folk rock? ...bluegrass? ... BANJO!)


Golden Lion, White Witch by Starlitdragon


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