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starlitdragon : Setheryll by MCAdoptables + starlitdragon : Lucan by dapper-owl NOM.
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Lucinda Wong
I am composed from the unidentifiable black bits at the bottom of a noodle bowl and trace amounts of vespene gas. I can run a four-minute mile, headbutt a bullet back into its chamber and I take my tequila without lemons. I also enjoy drawing and long walks on the Arctic tundra.
1.  I can only accept payment through Paypal. Prices are in CAD.
2. Please note me with the completed form found below.
3. After we agree on the commission, I will send you an invoice through Paypal. Do pay within one week of receiving the invoice!
4. Image references are strongly preferred. A videogame screenshot, character from a movie, etc. will be fine. If no image reference is available, I will still work off a written description- but see #5.
5. I will not make major changes to the sketch/lineart. If there is anything very important to your character, you must mention it in the "Important Information" section. For written descriptions, I will need to know things like hair style/colour, age, build, gender, eye shape, clothing style,  etc. You should give me colours even if it is not a coloured commission because there may be minimal shading.
6. You will receive a high resolution .jpg of the final image. I do not ship hard copies of commissions.
7. Commissions are worked on in the order of payment received.
8. I reserve the right to display commissions when they are complete. If there is a reason otherwise, you must let me know before payment is made.


(Please fill out and PM the following information)

1. Personal Email Address: (Final image will be sent here).
2. Paypal Email Address & Name as it appears in Paypal:
3. Commission Type: (bust + colour, halfbody + 2 characters, etc.)
4. Commission Medium (optional): CG only or pencil & CG**
5. Name of Character:
6. Age of Character (as they appear):
7. Personality of Character (2-4 traits which will determine his/her expression):
8. IMPORTANT FEATURES: Let me know what absolutely cannot be missed.
10. (Optional) Is there an animal/plant/other motif or theme to your character? (like fish)

**This applies to coloured commissions. All B&W commissions will be in pencil.  I have two main styles - a full "painted" CG where everything is done in Photoshop and a style where I sketch the lineart in pencil, then scan and colour it in Photoshop. After looking at a commission, I can generally tell which method will be better. If you want your drawing in a certain style, please link to the image in my gallery you are thinking of- otherwise, I will choose.


Here are some basic types - if there is something not listed here that you've seen me do (like logos or comic pages), send me a note and we can make arrangements.

Busts: $25
+ extra character: $15
+ colour: $20

Half-body: $35 (waist up)
+ extra character: $25
+ colour: $30

Full-body: $50
+ extra character: $30
+ colour: $35

Illustration: $120 (A colour depiction of a scene - includes a specific background. Your choice of half-body or full. Extra small creatures are free, larger ones are charged according to complexity)
+ extra character: $35

Comic Page: $90+ (Full colour pages of your own story. This needs to be negotiated- that actual page rate will vary depending on the complexity of the page.)


COMMISSION: Jaibyrd by Starlitdragon COMMISSION: Ash'arion Tei'kaliath by Starlitdragon Misfortune Merchants by Starlitdragon

little hands by Starlitdragon COMMISSION: Royer and Su'dion by Starlitdragon Veckatimest by Starlitdragon

when the fall came by Starlitdragon COMMISSION: Maggie the  Black Fox by Starlitdragon white bamboo and goldfish by Starlitdragon

COMMISSION: Zair by StarlitdragonCOMMISSION: GEM76 - Ariel and Faen by Starlitdragon Time is Running Out by Starlitdragon

COMMISSION: Godzilla vs The Invader Pg 5 by Starlitdragon COMMISSION: Godzilla vs. The Invader - Pg 6 by Starlitdragon

Thank you for your consideration! I look forward to working with you :) Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Work List:

1.  PtP Airship Commission - Gojinki
2. talentualEmbrace & dairo-miyazhima - 2 Char Colour Illustration (lineart complete; CGing)

1. dairo-miyazhima - Bust + colour -…
2. Warriorking4ever - 2 comic pages -……
3. Jaibyrd - 3 char bust + Colour -…
4. tinyshopkeeper - Logo -…
5. GEM76 - 2 Illustrations -……
7. Plaguewalker - Half-body + Colour (lineart complete; CGing) -…


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