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starlitdragon : Setheryll by MCAdoptables + starlitdragon : Lucan by dapper-owl NOM.
Adopt your own at MCAdoptables!




Starstone: Heroes of Starcraft by Starlitdragon
Starstone: Heroes of Starcraft
Cross over background based on an official Hearthstone wallpaper. The original image:…

This was a really fun one to work on.  From top left to right: Brood mother, Hydralisk, Abathur, Zergling, Nova, James Raynor, Tassadar, Swan (SCV). =D 

Hearthstone is one of the few games I'm still playing. I'm stoked about the GvG expansion (I didn't know about the fanart contest until too late..). I play Shaman the most, but I have decks for most of the other classes. 

Ok, so I'm going to list some fun cards .. feel free to suggest others.

Kerrigan (6/8) - Battlecry - Infest one enemy unit with 3 or less attack and mindcontrol it. Every other Zerg unit on the battlefield gains 1/1.
Infestation: Turns an enemy unit into a 5/5 creature .. but it will die if it attacks.
Zergling (2/2) - After 3 turns, automatically becomes a baneling.
Baneling (2/3) - First attack does 2 splash damage to each adjacent unit, but the baneling dies.
Roach (3/5) - Taunt
Hydralisk (5/3) - Battlecry - Do 2 damage. At the start of each turn, do 1 damage to a random enemy unit. 
Ultralisk (9/9) - charge - Has a 30% chance to miss its target. (lol ultra AI)
Infestor (1/7) - Stealth - Battlecry - Spawn 4 1/1 infested terrans on the enemy's side, interspersed where you choose. At the end of your turn, these infested terrans will explode, dealing 1 damage to each enemy unit next to them. 
Swarm host (2/5) - Stealth - Every turn, spawn a 2/1 broodling with charge. 
Queen (2/4) - Battlecry - "Inject" Gain two mana crystals or heal one Zerg unit up to full HP. 
Corrupter - (3/4) - Battlecry - "Corruption" Pick one enemy unit. Every next attack will deal 1 additional damage to that unit. 
Brood Lord - (1/9)  Cannot attack - Spawn 2 2/1 broodlings with charge at the start of each turn.  
Mutalisk - (2/6) - The mutalisk's glaive wurm will do 1 additional damage to a random target adjacent to the enemy unit attacked.

Jim Raynor (7/8) - Battlecry - Do 3 damage to an enemy unit - "AWW YEAH STIMPACK" Every friendly biological unit gains 2/2 for this turn only, including the hero.
Marine (2/2) - Battlecry - "AWW YEAH STIMPACK" Give another unit 1/1 for this turn only.
Marauder (3/5) - Taunt  
Reaper - (2/3) - Charge / ignores Taunt
Hellion (2/4) - Battlecry - Choose between having charge, or doing 1 fire damage to every biological unit on the field. 
Siege Tank (1/6)  - After 2 turns, go into siege mode (6/5). Do 6 damage to a random enemy target.
Battlecruiser - (8/8) - Battlecry - "Yamato Cannon" - Destroy one enemy unit.
Medic (1/3) - Heal all friendly units for 1 HP at the end of every turn.
Raven (0/7) - Battlecry - Create a Hunter Seeker Misslle (2/2) - After 1 turn, this missile will destroy a random enemy target. At the end of each turn, create a 2/1 turret. 
Planetary Fortress (2/8) - Taunt - Cannot attack
Banshee (4/3) - This unit remains in permanent stealth, unless it attacks the enemy hero.
Ghost (3/3) -  NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED - At the end of your next turn, deal 3 damage to all enemy units. 

Photoshop CS5!
Drowtales: Valla'drielle by Starlitdragon
Drowtales: Valla'drielle
Quick CG of Valla'drielle, leader of the Kyorl'solenurn. She looks awfully peaceful while plotting the fiery deaths of everyone in Chel for all the right reasons. 

I was aiming to try for a new CG style, but ended up reverting back to my old nasty habits.

Drowtales worldsetting belongs to Kern~~ Photoshop CS5. =)
COMMISSION: Ash'arion and San'dellora by Starlitdragon
COMMISSION: Ash'arion and San'dellora
A commission for talentualEmbrace and dairo-miyazhima! San'dellora (the Beldrobbaen lady) belongs to Dalvyserran, and Ash'arion (the Sarghress gentlemen) belongs to Dairo. They requested a moonlit meeting underneath flowering sakura. I really enjoyed painting this one~~ Anything with flowering trees makes me happy.

Pencil sketch, Adobe Photoshop CS5.  
Drowtales worldsetting belongs to Kern! Check it out: 


Lucinda Wong
I am composed from the unidentifiable black bits at the bottom of a noodle bowl and trace amounts of vespene gas. I can run a four-minute mile, headbutt a bullet back into its chamber and I take my tequila without lemons. I also enjoy drawing and long walks on the Arctic tundra.


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